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About Us

Welcome To MentorIP Bangladesh:

MentorIP is an Intellectual Property Rights based law firm that is committed to its clients. MentorIP is protective towards its clients' best interests. Skill, Speed, Experience, Team work, Smoothness and Commitment are our assets. More than that for protecting your business in Bangladesh you will find MentorIP right beside you as your best friend, your advisor and protector.



Our Specialties: 

- Strong Academic Backgrounds

- More than 5 years experiences of dealing with all types of IP files

- Best Energetic Team for Litigation & Documentation

- Expeditious Services

- Professionalism with Commitment

- Expertise team for solving practical hurdles

- One Stop IP Business solution



Why to Choose us:

Before it is too late, be protective about your rights.


Because, we are the best to protect your ideas, inventions and your future!

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