About Us

MentorIP is the leading IP law firm in Bangladesh. MentorIP confirms best intellectual property rights protection in Bangladesh with its specialized team of highly skilled and well experienced IP Attorneys.

MentorIP offers you smooth and expeditious solution to all types of Intellectual Property (IP) Law issues. MentorIP is well equipped to deal with critical practical areas of IP registration process as well as IP Litigation in Bangladesh. Barrister Shaleh Akram Somrat (Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh) is the leading “IP Attorney” of the team, while having his “Master of Laws” as well as “Academic Research” on Intellectual Property laws from the University of Dhaka (the No.1 University in Bangladesh), secured very competent academic remarks, earned valuable experiences and developed praiseworthy skills that, later on, helped him to build an expert team on IPR protection in Bangladesh. MentorIP is fostering the accreditation for the Best Intellectual Property Law Firm in Bangladesh.

Our Specialties

  • One Stop IP Business solution
  • More than 10 years experiences in dealing with all types of IP files
  • Expertise team for solving practical hurdles
  • Best Energetic Team for Litigation & Documentation
  • Expeditious Services
  • Professionalism with Commitment
  • Strong Academic Backgrounds

Why to Choose us

  • Because, we are the best to protect your ideas, inventions and your future!
  • Before it is too late, be protective about your rights.

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