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Trademark Application in Bangladesh

Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

Any person can file a Trademark Application in Bangladesh for obtaining Trademark Registration in Bangladesh. Bangladesh provides territorial protection to Trademarks. As per section 24 of the Trademarks Act, 2009- No protection can be sought, if there is no registration. A Foreign Person or Entity can file a trademark in his/its own name in Bangladesh. 

Procedure and Time of Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

Smooth Cases: (Usually Three Steps)

StagesWorkProximate Time of MentorIP’s ServiceComment
Step 1Trademark Application1 W/D 

Proximate time for Filing to registration is 8-12 months.

Step 2Journal Publication Fee Submission/Trademark Publication1 W/D
Step 3Trademark Registration Fee Submission1 W/D

However, a trademark application may face the following steps where it is objected from the office or opposed by any 3rd party.

Step 1AObjection Reply3 W/DOptional

Examination notice will be issued after 3-6 months of filing trademark application in Bangladesh. If the application is objected, then the next step is objection reply. From Step 1 to examine the application it may take 2-6 months.

Step 1BObjection HearingUsually 1 day of hearing sufficeOptional

If the Examination is objected and if hearing is required.


Step 2ATrademark OppositionPlease check out the procedure of our Trademark opposition part.Optional

After journal publication, registration of your trademark can be opposed by any 3rd party. A Trademark opposition can add extra 10-14 months or more with the registration process.


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