Barrister Shaleh Akram Somrat

Barrister Shaleh Akram Somrat

Head of Attorneys

Skills: Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn) || Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh || LL.B. (Hon’s), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh || LL.M., University of Dhaka, Bangladesh || LL.B. (Hon’s), University of London, UK || PGDL, University of Northumbria, UK

Barrister Shaleh Akram is the founder of MentorIP and is exceptionally renowned for his gravity of knowledge in the Intellectual Property related laws. He developed his interest on Intellectual Property Laws while pursuing his LL.M. on IP laws from the University of Dhaka and then published his research paper on the “Use of Future IP Law Mechanism as a Corporate Political Instrument”. He regularly contributes to national dailies on Intellectual Property Laws and has his article published on the ‘Springer’, a highly reputed international journal. He has as many as 16 Newspaper Publications in different national dailies. His recent write ups: “Intellectual Property: Next Corporate Political Mechanism to Rule the Post Covid-19 World” and “Preventing Import-Export of Counterfeited Goods through Intellectual Property Mechanism” were published on the Daily Star on May 5, 2020 and March 3, 2020 respectively. Among his other newspaper publications “Intellectual Property- the Next Corporate Mechanism” (The Daily Observer, November 12, 2015); “Brexit and its Aftermath-Bangladesh Perspective” (The Daily Observer, August 18, 2016); “Whether Softwares are Patentable” (The Daily Observer- January 19, 2017); “Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting” (The Daily Star, May 21, 2019) are mention worthy. He is also the author of the book “The Fundamentals of Legal Drafting and Conveyancing” published by Shams Publications.

Barrister Shaleh Akram has mastery skill in legal and corporate drafting, opinion writing, agreement drafting etc. He is exceptionally renowned for his gravity of knowledge in the Intellectual Property related laws. He successfully drafted and registered many patent files. Besides he has many successful works on complex Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Design registration process as well as litigation.

We would like to take the privilege of mentioning one of Barrister Shaleh Akram’s recent work on Patent Appeal that has broken all traditional practice of Department of Patents of DPDT. As the Patents and Designs Act, 1911 does not permit the office to deal with a Patent application after expiry of 21 months from the date of filing, an International Patent Application of a Japanese national was outrightly rejected from being patented. However, in such a situation, MentorIP received the case, filed an administrative appeal and after several rigorous hearings on law points, the appeal was allowed and the Patent was accepted in favour of our Japanese client, which was absolutely unprecedented. This is the first ever case where the Patent Department relaxed its traditional practice of strict time limit and allowed patent registration.

Barrister Shaleh Akram is also trusted for IPR protection of many Multi-National Companies (MNC) operating in Bangladesh. His recent work on protecting the copyrights of the famous coconut oil brand “Parachute” has earned huge appreciation from the company “Marico (Bangladesh) Limited”. Saving billions of monies by confiscating a large stock of counterfeited products through a raid in a secret factory as well as cancellation of similar/deceptive copyright applications helped him to earn the appreciation.

Major Responsibilities:

All types of IP prosecutions, Litigations, Appeals, Documentations, Patent Drafting, Deed of Assignment, Commercial Agreements/Deeds, Undertakings, Legal Opinions, Legal Notices, Legal Counseling, IP Due diligence, Arbitration etc.