Barrister Mehnaz Mannan

Barrister Mehnaz Mannan

Java Developer

Skills: Barrister-at-law (Lincoln’s Inn) || Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh || (Hon’s), (Political Science), University of Dhaka || LL B (Hon’s) (London, UK) || PGDL, London City University, UK.

Barrister Mehnaz Mannan has special expertise in Domain Disputes and Cybersquatting matters. She also has keen interest in corporate IP documentations and litigations. She is very much keen in commercial and company matters. Her dedication, labour and sacrifices towards this Firm have made her the heart of the team MentorIP.

Major Responsibilites:

All types of IP Litigation and administrative Documentations. Advising on Internet, Cyber Laws, Domain disputes and related issues. IP Arbitration.